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Fifteen Day Initial Script Limit

In the summer of 2009, MaineCare introduced a fifteen day initial prescription supply limit. The original concept was brought forth from Eastern Maine Medical Center. MaineCare staff and associates began developing the program for various medications that have been identified with high side effect profiles, high discontinuation rates, or frequent dose adjustments to ensure cost effectiveness without “wasting” or “discarding” of used medications.

The medications selected for this program will be maintained on the web site.

For those who may be interested in what MaineCare may be implementing for cost saving or safety measures, you may attend the Drug Utilization Review Committee meetings. These meetings are held 5 times a year, the second Tuesday of the month, March, June, September, October and December from 5:30pm. -8:30pm. The location is the Augusta Armory at 179 Western Ave. Augusta,ME.

If you have questions you may contact Change Healthcare at 1-888-445-0497

Fifteen Day Lists and Information

Name Description Date
15 Day Limit Drug List 08012022 168.85 KB 2022/08/02
15 Day Limit Drug List 48.29 KB 2010/10/29